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Lights, bubbles, fog & lasers

Lights, Bubbles, Fog & Lasers


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  dome light   Dome disco light 1

This classic LED light effect fires narrow beams of Multi-Coloured light around the room as it rotates. An essential party light. Sound activated.
Perfect for ceiling or desk mounting.
$25 per night (stand optional)

  Dome light   Dome disco light 2

This is the little brother of the above dome light.
It works in the same way. Has less light and speed than the above light. Still works well. Better suited for smaller areas. Sound activated.
$20 per night (stand optional)
  No video  

New Light LED par 64 light rail   Par 64 LED light rail

This is cool. Four par 64 slim LED RGB lights with stand. Built in effects. Optional foor controller or for the more advanced a DMX board. Sound activated.
$80 per night (stand supplied)

  par 64 can RGB LED   Par 64 can LED RGB light

The par 64 can be used stand alone or linked together like the light rail above. Has built in effects and is sound activated. Makes a great wash light.
$25 per night (stand supplied)

  Par 64 slim LED RGB  

Par 64 slim LED RGB light

Same as above without being a focussed beam. Built in effects and sound activated. Great wash light.
$25 per night (stand supplied)


  Par 36 LED RGB light   Par 36 LED RGB light

This is the little brother of the Par 64. The main difference is this has a narrow beam. Not quite a pin spot but close.
Sound activated and built in effects. DMX.
$20 per night (stand supplied)

  i colour 3000   iColor3000

This is a powerful 3 x 500W halogen light. Sound activated with built in effects. The RGB blend into millions of light colours. It can sit on a surface or hang from a stand.
$40 per night (stand optional)
  No video  

  Tri Light   LED Tri Mirror Scanner
The Tri light scanner is a triple mirror LED scanner with 24 red, 24 green, 24 blue and 24 white 5mm LEDs that throw colourful, undulating light beams around your dance floor.
$30 per night each (stand required)

  Water Wave 2   Water Wave 2
The Water Wave II projects the effect of water in six different colours. Looks great on walls or ceiling.
$35 per night (stand optional)




4 light chaser  

4 spot chaser
This Colour Bank uses the dominant beat of the music as its "pulse" for the chase.
Great for that disco feel.
Goes well with fog and bubbles.
$25 per night each (stand required)

  No Video  


Look no further for your party light.
This LED moonflower effects light has it all.
With an excellent in-built program, it gives out wonderful moonflower effects and brilliant colourful light beams.
$40 per night (stand required)



  Shell rotator  

Shell rotator
This unit projects rotating Sea-Shell like coloured patterns onto floor, wall or ceiling. Rich colours are achieved by the 30 coloured lenses. A great lighting effect.
$25 per night (stand required)


Mirror Ball LED's & motor
Get back to the 70's with this rotating 30cm mirror ball. Comes with multi coloured LED pin lights which bounce colours off the walls and ceiling.
$30 per night (stand required)

  Video coming  
$25 per night (stand required)
  No video  
  UV Blacklight   Ultra Violet Blacklight
47cm 15 watt fluorescent UV tube.
Everything white glows under UV light.
From your teeth to your socks.
$25 per night (stand required)
  No video  
  UV Clip Light   UV Clip Lamp
This 20 watt UV lamp is surprisingly powerful. This has the same effect as the above light except it's more portable and doesn't need a stand as it has a strong sturdy clip.
$20 per night (stand optional)
  No Video  


  Videos of lasers coming soon   New animated lasers   coming soon  
Shooting star effects with this little laser. The laser has built in mic and is sound activated. The shooting stars are adjustable from stationary to fast. Great with fog machine. Available in red or green
$25 per night (stand required)
  Green or red laser
Great effects
Hearts & Stars Laser
Rotating hearts and shooting stars with this little laser. The laser has built in UV and is sound activated.
$25 per night (stand required)
Hearts & Stars
Hearts & Stars
  Red Laser
Great effects with this red laser. The laser has built in mic and is sound activated. It also has 50 pre loaded patterns. Great with fog machine.
$35 per night (stand required)
  Red Laser Fog/Smoke Machine
This is a must to get the best out of the laser lights or other effect lighting.
Includes 500ml of fog fluid.
$35 per night (stand required)
Extra fog mix $5 per 500ml
Fog Machine  


Green Laser
You can't go wrong with this green laser. The laser has built in mic and is sound activated. It also has 100 pre loaded patterns.
Great with fog machine.
$40 per night (stand required)

  Green Laser Low Lying
Fog Machine

This unit pumps out a massive amount of smoke which is cooled by ice.
The chilling makes the fog drop and hug the ground. Great for special effects eg Halloween or just grooving on the dance floor.
Has remote control and timer. Includes 500ml of fog liquid.

$40 per night.  Needs 1 bag of ice (not supplied)
Extra fog mix $5 per 500ml
Low fog  

  Blue Red Combo Laser
This twin head double laser has 300 built in patterns and is sound activated. Awesome show.
For optimal performance a fog machine is recommended.
$40 per night (stand required)
  Blue Red Laser

Bubble Machine
This bubble machine pumps out about 1000+ MEDIUM sized bubbles per minute.
It has a wired remote and can be set on an interval timer. Price includes 500ml of unscented bubbles. Scented bubble mix can be purchased extra.
$35  per night (Can be used on stand or on table)


        Snow Machine    
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The standard rate for equipment set up and take down is $50 / hour. Minimum 1 hour.
50% deposit is needed at time of booking with total amount payable on pick up or delivery.

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